Helping teachers bring best practices into the classroom

 The Instructional Framework (IF, we pronounce it EYE-eff) identifies eight best practices for effective teaching and offers concrete, culturally responsive and consistent guidance for teachers on how to integrate those best practices to design research- and standards-based lesson plans. The IF also provides videos and grade-specific materials teachers can integrate into their instructional practices. 

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What is The Instructional Framework?

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For teachers, by teachers

From the start, the IF was informed by gaps in the classroom, and created, piloted and implemented by teachers, not a publishing company.

Standards guidance

The IF provides guidance for meeting Common Core Standards in an organized and user-friendly approach.

Applying best practices

The IF helps educators understand how to carry out critical teaching practices like reflection and backward planning.   

Student engagement

Teachers say the IF provides a consistent routine for students that increases their interest in school and helps with classroom management.

Real-world learning

With an emphasis on real-world connections, the IF gives students ownership of their learning.

Simplified planning

Teachers say the structure of the IF simplifies their planning time, in part because it gives them ideas about how to teach the Common Core Standards.

Learn More

 Learn what sets the IF apart and how it can help you in your classroom.

Take a peek at the resources included in the IF, from a rubric guide to grade-level planning and assessment documents.

Ready to roll? Here’s how to begin implementing the IF in your classroom.


What are other teachers and school leaders saying about the IF? Here’s what we’ve heard:

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