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The Bainum Family Foundation was founded by Stewart and Jane Bainum in 1968 with a focus on education as a driver of lifelong success. After a lifetime of experiencing and seeing the inequities in education, the Bainums dedicated part of their foundation to support efforts where every child could receive a quality education and an equal chance at success. This passion, along with the Bainums’ upbringing and educational experience, drove their commitment to faith-based education and giving back to the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) community.

After years of partnering with SDA schools, the foundation hired veteran educators from the SDA school system to support these partnerships. Together, foundation staff members and educators identified a critical gap: a lack of student readiness at the high school level. Through its broader education work, foundation staff heard similar concerns from educators working in public and other parochial schools.

As the foundation team explored these concerns with educators, they discovered that a key contributing factor was inconsistent learning expectations across elementary schools and even between grade levels at the same school. To close that gap and improve the quality of education, the foundation made a decade-long commitment to The Instructional Framework’s development. While the IF was originally developed for use in parochial and private school settings, it is applicable to any K-8 setting.  

Ginger Slaughter, Educational Consultant

Ginger is an experienced educational consultant focused on helping school leaders establish routines that maximize teacher effectiveness while supporting teachers through one-on-one coaching to meet rigorous standards, achieve their professional goals, and make learning fun for all students. She researched, developed and piloted The Instructional Framework over the course of nine years — first as an expert consultant, and then as Senior Manager of Instructional Development at Bainum Family Foundation, a role she was hand-selected for as a result of her consultative contributions. Her professional background includes more than a decade of teaching core elementary subject areas and creating individualized education plans for diverse learners with emotional disabilities and learning differences. Understanding the importance of supporting the whole child and partnering with invested stakeholders has shaped Ginger’s approach to developing instructional frameworks and wraparound services. She is passionate about working with others who are committed to improving the lives of children.

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The following school leaders and educators partnered with us to review, provide feedback and/or use The Instructional Framework

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