3 Steps to Getting Started With PBL

If you’re hesitant about project-based learning, here’s how you and your students can begin to get the long-term benefits. By Stacy Sniegowski February 25, 2022 When things get unpredictable, I choose to ride the wave, not fight it. Recently, I’ve leaned into the chaos by trying things I’ve been avoiding. I start small and iterate. […]

It’s a Project-Based World

John Larmer When it comes to building the ideal graduate, project-based learning lays a strong foundation. If you ask a group of teachers, administrators, and other educators to describe the characteristics of an ideal graduate from the K–12 system, you’ll get a remarkably similar list no matter where you are. The same goes for a […]

Developing Global Citizens Through Project-Based Learning

Katalin Wargo and Jackie Chisam The Dalai Lama once said, “Compassion is the radicalism of our time.” This certainly rings true in our current societal climate, where political, environmental, and social issues debated during the recent U.S. presidential election are still topics of contentious national discussion. Social media platforms explode with tirades against opposing viewpoints […]