A Project That Combines History and Science

When fourth graders are asked to redesign the Mayflower, they work with content in several subject areas at the same time. By Amy Schwartzbach-Kang, Edward Kang November 5, 2019 As teachers, we’re always struggling to create meaningful learning that engages students at deeper levels. How can we find the time to fit it all in? […]

How to make cross-curricular teaching part of your plan

By Jenny Fulton December 3, 2019  some other supplementary/arts class), science, and social  studies. Younger students like and need this predictable flow. They’re usually trainedin how to get out their books and materials at the beginning of the class period and how to put them away at the end. Middle school students learn how to […]

5 Ideas for Developing Real-World Thinking Skills

Harvey F. Silver Abigail L. Boutz Jay McTighe Infusing five processes into assignments can help students hone the skills they’ll need to address complex problems. Not too long ago, pollution-monitoring satellites from NASA and the European Space Agency detected a significant decrease in nitrogen dioxide levels over a city of 11 million people. An air-quality […]