Are We Motivating Students with Data?

Caitlin C. Farrell, Julie A. Marsh and Melanie Bertrand From “data chats” to “Data Fridays,” teachers are involving their students in looking at data. Does your approach increase student motivation—or decrease it? On one “Data Friday,” Ms. Mendoza tries to encourage healthy competition by displaying her 7th period’s performance on the most recent interim assessment […]

Five (Good) Ways to Talk About Data

Amanda Datnow and Vicki Park To support teachers in discussing data, school leaders should ensure that the proper foundations are in place. Schools and districts that successfully promote data-informed decision making often have one key feature in common: dedicated collaboration time for teachers. Whether teachers meet weekly or monthly in horizontal, grade-level groups or vertical […]

Why Does Writing Good Learning Objectives Matter?

POSTED ON MARCH 1, 2017 BY HAIYAN ZHOU As a former adjunct instructor, later a training coordinator, instructional designer, and now a teaching and learning consultant, I have worked with many faculty on course design and how to articulate learning objectives. My experience has shown me that you can never emphasize enough the importance of having good learning […]