Making Teacher Teams Work

Meghan Lockwood To make an impact on learning, teacher data-inquiry teams need the right kinds of support. Top-performing education systems such as Japan, Singapore, and British Columbia use teacher-led collaborative inquiry cycles—in which small groups of teachers study and address a problem of practice—as the cornerstone of their professional development (Jensen et al., 2016). Driven […]

Spreading the Practice of Video Reflection

Steven Lamkin and Todd Nesloney Two principals share advice on cultivating teacher-led video reflection for professional growth. There is nothing worse than sitting through professional development that has nothing to do with what I’m doing in my classroom.” This sentiment, expressed by a 4th grade teacher in Maryland, is a valid and collectively shared lament […]

The Promise of Collaboration

Michelle Bauml When teachers plan lessons together, the benefits are many. Long before Stephen Covey pointed out that effective people practice the habit of beginning with the end in mind, teachers were already in the know. When it comes to teaching effective lessons, we know that if you fail to plan, then you plan to […]