A Necessary Conversation

Vernita Mayfield How do we progress in exploring questions about race and schools that many try to avoid? The evidence keeps mounting—research, articles, and videos about students of color marginalized, stigmatized, or even traumatized in schools by peers or school staff. The aftermath is predictable: School administrators and teachers express shock that an act of […]

Avoiding the Siren Calls

Mark Wise and Beth Pandolpho Education leaders need to help new teachers find the most effective—not necessarily the most efficient—instructional strategies. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, the Sirens were dangerous creatures who tempted travelers with their captivating song, leading them astray and dangerously off-course. Similarly, familiar and deceptively efficient instructional strategies can be tempting […]

Escape from the Zero-Learning Zone

Jim Knight Why educators frequently turn away from opportunities to learn, and what we can do about it. Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. —John Cotton Dana The world is rich with learning opportunities, especially for educators. Teachers can learn from video recordings of their lessons, instructional coaching, conversations with their principals […]